Wrist Pain #3

December 7, 2012

In the last couple weeks we’ve been looking at how to get rid of wrist pain in asana.

The first week we discussed the importance of forearm and hand strength to stabilize the wrists, and the second week we focused on proper rotation and stabilization of the shoulders to align the wrists for even weight distribution in yoga poses.

Now let’s put it all together! Get your mat out, watch the video, and try it to see how this feels in your wrists. Hopefully you’ve been doing the hand, forearm, and shoulder strengthening, If so I think you’ll notice a big difference! Let me know!

*Note: in downward facing dog I’m lifting and turning my head to look at the camera… Oops! Please don’t copy me! Instead keep your neck in a neutral position so that the top of your head is in line between your elbows.

I try to keep these videos within 5 minutes to avoid boring you with too much talk, but this one had to be a little longer. And of course I could have kept talking, there’s just so much detail involved that is not possible to fit into a general vid like this.

I’m thinking shoulder and wrist positioning could be an evening workshop in itself. What do you think? If anyone out there is interested in such a thing, please let me know and I’ll make it happen!

Thank you for being part of this SelfCare SelfLove community!

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