Stress Less Yoga Nidra

December 22, 2012

Welcome to SelfCare Saturday! This week we will practice Yoga Nidra to Stress Less!

Get everything you might need to make yourself comfortable, a mat to lie on, a bolster for under your knees, an eye pillow to relax the eyes, and a blanket to keep you warm.

This recorded Yoga Nidra is about 30 minutes long so you will want to make sure you’re prepared to be still for that long, and that you won’t be disturbed by anyone or anything.

I borrowed the first half of the Yoga Nidra, steps 1-4 from my friend, Jennifer Reis, an amazing goddess who trains guides in Yoga Nidra. Check out her website to learn more about the 8 steps, benefits of Yoga Nidra practice, and where to find her if you would like to take your practice further. She has several wonderful recordings available for purchase, as well as retreats and trainings.

The second half is a concoction of my own imagination, following steps 5-8. I prefer to tell you less and let you experience more, so please click the player below to hear your recording. Or click the link below the player to download the recording.

Listen To / Download Yoga Nidra 

And as always, share with a friend who needs to take time out, close their eyes, and relax!