Lower Core Stability

January 19, 2013

Welcome to SelfCare Saturday where we practice SelfLove through SelfCare!

So I have a few superstar muscles that fascinate me with their importance in our day-to-day function-ability. These are not superstars as in the flashy, showy muscles of biceps or rectus abdominis (that’s your six-pack abs), which are important in their own right.

My superstar muscles are the ones you don’t necessarily see, but that do extraordinary work for us in athletically strenuous as well as simple every day movements.

Today we’ll go through a few Yoga Asanas and Pilates Exercises meant to target a couple of these muscles…

Todays superstars: Transversus abdominis and Iliopsoas (as well as Quadratus Lumborum and Internal and External Obliques)

See the pic for reference as to which muscles we are working with,

and see the video to begin your practice!



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