Low Back Pain – Chronic

January 8, 2017

How many of you out there work at a desk, lifting heavy things, or bent in funny positions? Or do you drive long distances, or do things on the weekend that your lower back doesn’t quite feel ready for?

You’re probably saying, “Yes, that’s me” to at least one of those.

Lower back pain is one of the top reasons people come to see me for massage. And yes, massage can help, but that will be temporary. The only way to stop nagging lower back pain is to work at it. You need to strengthen, and you need to do the work. That’s why it’s so important to do the exercises I give you, and to strive to understand your body a little better. I really love sharing my anatomy knowledge and learning more as well, so please ask questions during your massage and if I can’t answer your questions right away, it just means I get to learn more too.


Pain in the low back can be caused by so many different things, so if you’re experiencing acute or severe symptoms then please make an appointment with your doctor to have it looked at. Next week I’ll post a program for acute symptoms, but today we’re looking at chronic maintenance to rehabilitate after your acute symptoms subside, and to maintain the health of your lumbar (lower) spine.

Click the button below to see a printable PDF of an exercise program to rehabilitate and reinforce your lumbar spine! Don’t worry, next week we’ll go through a program to manage acute pain in the lower back.

PDF - Basic Core Stability

This exercise program is also available with instructional videos to guide you through each exercise. But the videos don’t last forever, you’ll have access to it for 3 days from the date of this blog post only! To make sure you get to see all the exercise videos before they’re gone subscribe to my blog posts.

Videos - Basic Core Stability

And to have your own personalised exercise program designed just for you book a 30 minute massage therapy appointment. Your massage therapy appointment will include discussion of your needs, assessment, and instruction of remedial exercises with access to your exercise program videos. If you want a massage as well make sure you book a longer appointment!

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