Intermediate Core Stability

December 25, 2016

Last week we talked about core stability and explored some very basic, yet very effective exercises to help us engage that often elusive muscle group. If you missed last weeks post, check it out.

Now that we know our core stability is important as the center of force transfer, which not only helps us excel in our sports, but also helps reduce our risk of injury in everything we do from sliding down a mountain on two sticks to sitting eight hours at a desk. And now that we’ve all had a chance to try out the very basic exercises of last week.

Now it’s time to step it up!

If you feel that the exercises of last week are easy and your not feeling fatigued at all in the reps that I gave you, you’re ready to move on to the intermediate exercises.

Just remember there’s no shame in stepping back to the basics, especially in those times in life when you’re busy sitting long hours at work or preparing for tax season hunched over a laptop and a pile of receipts. (OK, so now you know what I’ve been doing. It’s best to be prepared early, right?)

You can always come back to those basics when you need to check in with that core stability muscle group, but it’s also good to challenge yourself! Best wait til after you digest your big turkey dinner though 😉

Click the button below to see a printable PDF of some still subtle, but probably more fun exercises to help you continue to tone your force transfer center! And next week we’ll step it up a bit more!

PDF - Intermediate Core Stability

This exercise program is also available with instructional videos to guide you through each exercise. But the videos don’t last forever, you’ll have access to it for 3 days from the date of this blog post only! To make sure you get to see all the exercise videos before they’re gone subscribe to my blog posts.

Videos - Intermediate Core Stability

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