Chair Yoga for Tight Hips

July 28, 2014

If you’ve come to see me for massage or yoga for your low back pain I’ve probably given you some stretches for your hips.

Low back pain is often associated in some way with tension in some or all of the hip muscles, regardless of which came first. This is because the muscles that stabilize and move your hips directly or indirectly affect the mobility of your sacrum, that triangular bone at the base of your spine, and that in turn affects the position of each of your vertebrae and the amount of tension in the muscles above the sacrum. Alternatively, tension, lack of mobility, and a stiff posture due to pain in the low back will cause you to tighten up at the hips giving you a sense of false security and support of your spine.

Sound familiar? Make sense?

This is a pain cycle that can be difficult to break, especially when it’s difficult to get into some of the more effective stretches for the hips.

Let’s break that cycle using some gentle modifications of some common stretches using a chair or the floor and a strap for assistance!