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Head Position And Neck Pain

Feb 18 2017

I have clients ask me all the time about whether or not the position of their head is the reason they have…

Is Mindful Breathing Important?

Feb 11 2017

Just how important is your breath? And do you really need to focus on it? As a yoga practitioner and registered massage…

Intro to Pilates core engagement

Jan 31 2017

  I’ve had a lot of people asking me if Pilates is a good idea lately. Most people who are asking are…

Low Back Pain – Acute Symptoms

Jan 15 2017

Lower back pain is one of the top reasons people come to see me for massage. When you’re experiencing acute pain symptoms…

Low Back Pain – Chronic

Jan 08 2017

How many of you out there work at a desk, lifting heavy things, or bent in funny positions? Or do you drive…

Intermediate Core Stability

Dec 25 2016

Last week we talked about core stability and explored some very basic, yet very effective exercises to help us engage that often…

Move Through Neck And Shoulder Tension

Mar 05 2016

So many of my clients and friends complain of neck and shoulder tension. And over and over I hear people say they…

Sport Ready Shoulders

Feb 19 2016

Here in Squamish, BC we like to play! Spring is on its way and whether you’re into rock climbing, mountain biking or…

Back In Squamish!

Jan 15 2016

Massage Therapy North Vancouver

Jan 27 2015

In 2015 I’ll be opening up a massage therapy practice in North Vancouver! Over the busy month of December I’ve had the…