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Head Position And Neck Pain

Feb 18 2017

I have clients ask me all the time about whether or not the position of their head is the reason they have…

Is Mindful Breathing Important?

Feb 11 2017

Just how important is your breath? And do you really need to focus on it? As a yoga practitioner and registered massage…


Jan 22 2017

Relaxation. Something we all need and can just “never find the time” for (here I quote a number of my anonymous friends,…

The Gift Of Wellness!

Dec 03 2016

It’s that time of year again! The season of giving!!! What do you get for that special someone who has everything they…

New Location!

Oct 30 2016

I have exciting news! I’m moving my practice to a new location where I’ll be available full time to serve Squamish starting December…

Back In Squamish!

Jan 15 2016

Massage Therapy North Vancouver

Jan 27 2015

In 2015 I’ll be opening up a massage therapy practice in North Vancouver! Over the busy month of December I’ve had the…

Transitioning – Core

Aug 19 2014

In flow styles of yoga (ie. vinyasa, ashtanga, etc.) we spend much of the practice transitioning from one pose to the next.…

Now Open In West Vancouver!

Jul 07 2014

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve opened up an additional practice to better serve you in West Vancouver! The clinic is Complement…

Ayurvedic Winter Skin Care

Feb 12 2014

Rough, dry skin this winter? Ayurveda has some tips to help your skin stay soft and glowing all year long! 7 Ayurvedic…