Basic Core Stability

December 18, 2016

For the majority of Squamish feeling strong and powerful is something we expect from ourselves. We train hard and play hard to excel at our chosen sports.

Surprisingly, I find core stability and even core muscle group awareness to be an issue in my Squamish clients (and myself!). Even those who are quite strong in their respective sports.

Sometimes it’s best to get back to basics.

We can get pretty good at “cheating” and building strength in the muscles that move our limbs and spine over the muscles that provide stability around our spine. The truth of the matter is that core stability, while maybe an over used term, is an under trained muscle group.

Why is this? Well, it’s a little boring unless you take great pleasure in simple and slow. Which, in my experience, is not the majority in our little mountain town. It’s not going to give you those 6-pack abs, or even give you that adrenaline rush of an intense work out.

But it’s very important. And why? Because your core is your center of force transfer, which will help you excel at your sport, and even more importantly, make you less likely to injure yourself at play.

So… do I have your attention? Click the button below to see a printable PDF of some very subtle, possibly boring exercises to help you find and tone your force transfer center! Don’t worry, next week we’ll step it up a bit. It will get more exciting!

PDF - Basic Core Stability

This exercise program is also available with instructional videos to guide you through each exercise. But the videos don’t last forever, you’ll have access to it for 3 days from the date of this blog post only! To make sure you get to see all the exercise videos before they’re gone subscribe to my blog posts.

Videos - Basic Core Stability

And to have your own personalised exercise program designed just for you book a 30 minute massage therapy appointment. Your massage therapy appointment will include discussion of your needs, assessment, and instruction of remedial exercises with access to your exercise program videos. If you want a massage as well make sure you book a longer appointment!

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