Walking Somatics

August 2, 2013

Today we’re walking our walk… more effectively, the way we were meant to… with Somatics!

One thing I notice in virtually everyone, whether very active or sedentary, is restriction/imbalance in pelvic movement during walking gait. This is largely because for the most part we just don’t walk! Our brains get used to making our bodies move on a bike, a specific sport, or not at all if we sit in an office chair all day.

Somatics helps us drop old patterns of ineffective movement, and retrain our brain to move us better.

Remember to practice each of the exercises …S…L..O..W..L…Y…

Today we will stay on the floor, next week we will start on the floor and then bring it to standing and walking!

Keep reading below for more detailed instructions!

1) Vertical dimension:

> Notice that as you lengthen one leg the other hip moves upward.

> Imagine you’re running slo-mo as you alternate side to side:

– One leg lengthens as you take a step, the other leg shortens as it           touches ground.

– Feel the lower spine curving left and right as your slo-mo run

– The muscles and vertebrae of the low back adjust as the weight             shifts leg to leg.


2) Horizontal dimension prep:

> As your knee drops in and down, feel your low back and hip move:

– That side of your back lifts followed by your hip.

> As you alternate side to side, feel the pelvis rolling:

– The back lengthens and lifts as you drop your knee in and down.

– Let your whole torso relax into the movement, just keeping your              shoulders on the floor.


3) Horizontal dimension:

> Keep your thighs parallel as you press one thigh at a time forward.

> Lengthen one side of your waist up to your armpit to lift that side of        your pelvis.

> Feel the movement in your pelvis as you alternate side to side:

– As you press a thigh forward that hip bone rotates forward.

– As your relax the thigh back that hip rotates back.

– Notice as the movement smooths that you’re in a walking hip swing.