Un-Hunch Your Posture

March 28, 2013

How is your posture?

If you’re like most of the people I see walking around, myself included when no one is looking ;), then you probably have that all too common posture of rounded shoulders and a hunched over upper back.

If we take a look at the activities commonly practiced in daily work and play, we see a lot of action with our hands in front of us, palms turned down, and no call to support our spine…

…until we feel the pain of slouching. But by then we’re too tired to do anything effective about it.

Take a 2 minute break every 30 minutes to stretch out!


In only 20 minutes of being in a shortened, compressed position your myo-fascial fibres get dehydrated and start to stick together. Think about it… just by sitting in the same position at your computer your supportive connective tissue is sticking to each other so that, essentially, your muscles are getting stuck in a shorter position. Its not your muscles that are the problem, no amount of stretching them will ever fix this.
Our bodies are designed to move, staying in one position for a long period of time was never part of the design plan. Even when we sleep we move every so often to keep our bodies pliable and mobile.
Only since the dawn of the industrial revolution has being exceedingly good at one thing, and doing that one small part of a process over and over and over again come into fashion in the workplace. (from assembly lines to computer office jobs). Before that we all had varying activities to do, even when in an area of specific expertise.
Those of us who have jobs that require more activity have it a little better, but we all still need to be careful of that constant reaching forward and slouching that can happen when we get tired or lazy.
So, lets all get moving! Take a two minute break… stand up, walk at least a few steps to get a drink of water and follow the video below!