Transitioning – Core

August 19, 2014

In flow styles of yoga (ie. vinyasa, ashtanga, etc.) we spend much of the practice transitioning from one pose to the next. This is often where people injure themselves, not because it’s dangerous, but because many of us don’t have the experience of engaging our muscles properly to transition safely at the speed most flow yoga classes are moving at. There just isn’t time in a fully booked yoga class to break down transitions adequately… and lets face it…

people who are attracted to a flowing yoga class are going to lose interest if there’s too much stop-and-starting!

Sometimes that’s just what we need though, so take a moment to watch the video here and do the prep exercises that are going to help you find that transition with ease and safety in your body. Last week we looked at Shoulders to Core in transitions and this week we’re get into more detail with moving from the core in transitions.