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Is Mindful Breathing Important?

Feb 11 2017

Just how important is your breath? And do you really need to focus on it? As a yoga practitioner and registered massage…

Back In Squamish!

Jan 15 2016

Runners – Knee Stability

Apr 29 2014

Last week we looked at Ankle Stability exercises as part of a 5 week series for runners. If you missed it I…

Stress is healthy

Mar 03 2014

We’ve all been told, over and over again, that stress is bad for us, right? Too much stress can cause headaches, sleeping…

Yoga Morning Hip Openers

Feb 16 2014

What feels stiff when you wake up in the morning? For me it’s my spine and hips. Last week I posted a…

Gentle Morning Yoga Flow

Feb 10 2014

You know that feeling of waking up stiff in the morning? While we sleep the discs between our vertebrae fill with fluid…

Hamstring Stretches

Feb 04 2014

Can’t touch your toes?! Hamstrings tend to be a tough one for people to make a noticeable difference in length by static…

Hip Flexors & Abs

Oct 02 2013

Hey there! It’s been a little while since I put up a blog post. I was inspired this week with several people…

Chair & Warrior I Poses

Jul 24 2013

Welcome to the first of the Yoga Nerd series. Occasionally I receive requests by students and clients to get into detail with…

Butt & Low Back

Jul 14 2013

So… yes, I am admittedly an anatomy nerd. It’s true, I just can’t help myself! What I aim to do here on…