Posture Strengthening – Lower Traps

April 7, 2014

So… We’ve gone over posture a number of times on my blog via stretching and strengthening videos…

There’s a reason for that. Look around you, notice the posture of your partner, children, and friends and tell me what you see.

I won’t suggest looking in a mirror because, what do we do when we know someone is watching us? we straighten up. Why do we do that? because our posture is probably not great, and certainly not “perfect”.

To turn a hunched over posture into a tall and confident (and painless) posture we need to lengthen the pec muscles, and strengthen the muscles that stabilize the shoulder blades, and strengthen our whole core. If you haven’t seen the videos and you want to improve your posture, I suggest you watch them and try them.

In the video to stabilize your shoulder blades there’s an exercise that many people have difficulty with. Not only is lower traps a tricky muscle to consciously engage, as many of us have been using other muscles such as lats instead most of our lives, it’s also a tough one to isolate in strengthening if you’re less flexible in the shoulders and back/

If you have difficulty stretching your arms over your head because of spine or shoulder tightness you can use this video to strengthen your lower traps instead, but you’ll still want to check out the rest of the exercises in the shoulder stabilizing video.

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And as always, send me your questions, concerns, and exercise requests for this and future videos!

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