Nourished Knees

December 13, 2012

Welcome to SelfCare Saturday where we practice SelfLove through SelfCare!

This week I’m sharing a therapeutic yoga sequence for ‘general knee health’ developed by one of my teachers, Gary Kraftsow (founder of Viniyoga)

General knee health… what does that mean? …It means there’s nothing actually wrong with your knees, you just appreciate the way they support you as you do all the super fun things that light up your days… and you want to keep it that way…

This is PREVENTION people!!!

I know all capitals and exclamation marks can seem a little obnoxious sometimes, but I really want to get your attention. Too often, in many aspects of our lives, we wait until something is broken before we fix it. I’m guilty of this and so are you.

Lets start looking after ourselves now so that we don’t need to go through the pain, frustration, and future implications of preventable damage and degeneration of our knees (as well as other things… but that’s for another day)