Just Breath

January 5, 2013

You’ll want to make yourself comfy sitting on the floor or in a chair before hitting play…

A list of weird and wonderful Sanskrit terms to either totally confuse or completely intrigue you:

  • Dirgha Pranayama: Complete Energy Extension (aka – 3 part breath or Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing)
  • Sama Vritti: Same Action
  • Puraka: Inhalation, Rechaka: Exhalation
  • Antar-Kumbhaka: Retention after Inhalation
  • Bahya-Kumbhaka: Retention after Exhalation
  • Ahamkara: Ego
  • Vijnanamayakosha: Witness Self
  • Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the Senses
  • Dharana: Single-Pointed Concentration

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