Intro to Pilates core engagement

January 31, 2017


I’ve had a lot of people asking me if Pilates is a good idea lately.

Most people who are asking are experiencing some low back pain and have been told by their doctor to do some core exercise. These patients are also quite active, though maybe not quite as consistently as they used to be, and while they still feel strong, they’re lacking the same power in their sports or are noticing fatigue in their back when in an activity requiring endurance.

Does this sound like you?

In all honesty I believe a one-on-one private Pilates session with a Kinesiologist to be an excellent place to start if you have very little understanding of what your core muscles are, what you should be feeling when you engage them, or are experiencing back pain in activity. It’s also a practice that enables you to increase your core strength with greater awareness and control than traditional gym exercises.

We’re lucky to have 2 incredibly talented private Pilates instructors who also have degrees in Kinesiology in Squamish. If you’re not sure what you should be feeling in the exercises I share today, or you feel any strain in your back or neck with the exercises when you do try them, I recommend you book with Krista BScKin, CPTN at Thrive to Wellness, or with Nicole Money BScKin, Registered Physiotherapist.

If you feel you have pretty good body awareness and you’re ready to go ahead and try some Introductory Pilates exercises you can do so. Just remember there’s help for you if you feel you’re not getting what you’re looking for out of it.

Click the button below to see a printable PDF of an introduction to core engagement in Pilates.

PDF - Pilates Intro

This exercise program is also available with instructional videos to guide you through each exercise. But the videos don’t last forever, you’ll have access to it for 3 days from the date of this blog post only! To make sure you get to see all the exercise videos before they’re gone like my Facebook page.

Videos - Pilates Intro

And to have your own personalised exercise program designed just for you book a 30 minute massage therapy appointment. Your massage therapy appointment will include discussion of your needs, assessment, and instruction of remedial exercises with access to your exercise program videos. If you want a massage as well make sure you book a longer appointment!

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