Hike The Chief For Squamish

March 28, 2014

Want to get more involved in your community? There’s nothing more rewarding than being an active part of improving your community, especially when it means increasing the services available to adults and children, and thereby affording them the possibility of a stronger future.

There are so many things you can do to help your community. There are organizations out there just waiting for your help. Get involved. For some that means a donation of $$, for others a donation of service, equipment, or time makes more sense. We’re all a part of a bigger picture, and by doing your small part locally, you’re doing your part internationally and globally as well.

If you live in Squamish, BC, there’s a great opportunity right at your doorstep, you might even be lucky enough to have it stare you in the face every time you look out the window. Stawamus Chief!

Right now you can do your part by pledging or participating in The Chief Challenge.

It’s a win-win all around. Picture it:

You wake up one morning in May with sun streaming in through the window. As you drink your tea in the morning you look out at The Chief. “Wouldn’t it be lovely to see Squamish wake up to this beautiful day from up there?” you wonder thoughtfully to yourself. Why not? Why not spend the morning hiking The Chief, taking in the spectacular view of Squamish and Howe Sound with mountains all around you? Or if you need to rush off to work, throw your hiking shoes in the car so you can check out the sunset from up there after work. Now that’s a sight not to be missed!

Of course there’s no other place you’d rather be, this is why you live here. So go. And while you’re at it raise money to help brighten the future of your community. Need more info? Learn how to get involved.

If you’re new to hiking, or just want more info on training, recovery, and general safety and self-care while hiking, then make sure you check out these training tips offered by Squamish Healthcare and Athletic professionals. They’ve hiked the chief, and they want to help you and our community reach your goals.

Not up for hiking the chief yourself but want to donate to the cause? You can donate anytime, and ensure the money will be used for services you strongly believe in.

It’s so simple, just pick a way that makes sense for you to get involved and do it, do your part to make your community a better place to live in!