For The Commuting Office Workers

April 21, 2014

In Squamish we have a lot of commuters. People choose to live here because they love the lifestyle (we like to play hard), but many do the commute to work in Vancouver or Whistler. Driving 45-60 minutes and then sitting in front of a computer all day… oh yeah, and then driving that 45-60 minutes home again… Yikes, my body hurts just thinking about it!

This kind of body position, even if we sit in ‘perfect posture’ all day gives us tight, short muscles in the chest and front of the shoulder, and tight, knotty muscles in the mid-upper back, neck, and back of the shoulders. Not to mention what happens to our hips and low back, but we’ll get to that another day.

Does this sound familiar? Let’s do something about it!

This sequence of 3 videos are oldies but goodies for all commuting office workers (or anyone who sits a long part of the day). I recommend keeping a link of this post handy on your computer at work so you have easy access to it when you need it the most.

First of all, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me, human beings have a short attention span. When we’re in pain we remember to look after ourselves, but as soon as that pain goes away so does our resolve to do the things we know make us feel better.

Instead let’s do small easy things regularly to prevent pain in our bodies in the first place. Sound good? Watch this video to see how easy it can be:

But we won’t stop there, we don’t want to just feel OK while we’re sitting at our desk working, we want to feel like our shoulders and arms are just floating, like the work is easy on our back, neck and shoulders. Watch this video to see how you can maintain that openness and ease in your posture:

And finally, we want to feel confident and strong while we support that open posture. Watch this video to strengthen the muscles of your back and shoulders:

And, as always, there are many variations on exercises, if there’s something in here that hurts you or is a position you’re not able to get into please don’t hesitate to comment here or contact me for a modification suitable for you. For example, if you find the lower traps strengthening a challenge while lying in your belly you can try this variation of the low traps exercise instead.

And finally, here are some stretches for your neck, because if your back and shoulder posture is out then you definitely feel it in your neck too.

Bottom line, there’s no need to be uncomfortable or in pain caused by your work environment. Sometimes you need a little help, but there’s so much you can do yourself to maintain a comfortable, happy body. Save the link to this post, set a reminder on your computer, and get moving to stay comfy!