Do you do your exercises?

June 1, 2014

When you come back to see me after your first visit, I’ll ask you, “How are the exercises going?”

To which you’ll reply, if you’re among the top 80 or so %, ” oh…” (bashful face) “I couldn’t remember what you told me to do so I didn’t do them.”

To that I say, “that’s OK!”. If you couldn’t remember the exercises I don’t want you doing them.

If you came to see me you have some discomfort or injury of varying degrees of debilitation, and improperly performed exercises could exacerbate that. That’s not what we’re trying to do here!

So what’s the problem and where can we find a solution?

Here are the problems I see:

⇒ We need to be reminded… not just you, but everyone out there who has a life outside their current discomfort or pain. Not because they’re lazy or don’t care about their health, but because they have lives that up to this point have not had allocated time for rehab. People usually will forget how to do an exercise by the time they get home from my office, and so understandably are unsure of where to begin even if they do manage to make time for it. And ultimately, human beings are easily distracted… we’re distracted by pain when we feel it, but the second it goes away we are distracted by the next thing on the list of fun to be had or chores to do.

⇒ I have no idea if what I’m asking you to do is even working. When I send you away after taking only the last 1 to 5 minutes of your session to show you rehab exercises, I question every time if you actually feel confident both in performing the exercises and in the exercises efficacy for your current complaint. I need for you to be able to communicate with me, no matter where you are, the second you feel pain, or that the exercise is or is not working. If it’s not working I want to be able to modify your home care before you come to your next appointment.

So… what is the solution?

⇒ A home exercise program that you can access from anywhere with internet to send you reminders, guide you through the exercises I prescribe you, and allow you private communication with me about the comfort and efficacy of your exercises, including an automatic alert that I receive via SMS if you feel severe pain during an exercise so we can modify your program.

This sounds amazing, I know, and it took me a lot of time searching to find a system already in place that I could implement in my clinical practice. I’m super excited to be using Physitrack for an easy to use home exercise prescription system you can access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone! Watch the video on how Physitrack works!

Next time you’re in to see me we’ll get you started on your individualized home exercise program including instructional videos and a private feedback loop where you can leave messages for me about how your exercises are going, and if they’re causing you any pain.

Dedicating yourself to your exercises helps you feel empowered in your own healing, and will help you recover much faster than if you don’t get involved in the process. How great to finally have a tool to guide you in your recovery!