Advanced Core Stability

January 1, 2017

We’re now in our third and most advanced week of core stability training! If you missed lthe past two weeks, see the basic core program and the intermediate core program before trying the exercises below.

And then step it up a little more with this advanced variation on the exercises you’ve been doing!

Notice that we’re adding resistance to our movement based exercises. This is meant to mimic the activities you’re doing that involve pushing, pulling and lifting – all things we do on a regular basis, and often where even the strongest and most active of us injure ourselves.

Remember: core stability is important to us as our center of force transfer. This is where we can improve our performance, but also where we can really work to prevent needless injury in our sports.

Click the button below to see a printable PDF of some much more fun exercises to help you continue to tone your force transfer center! Try to imagine how these movements relate to your daily life.

PDF - Advanced Core Stability

This exercise program is also available with instructional videos to guide you through each exercise. But the videos don’t last forever, you’ll have access to it for 3 days from the date of this blog post only! To make sure you get to see all the exercise videos before they’re gone subscribe to my blog posts.

Videos - Advanced Core Stability

And to have your own personalised exercise program designed just for you book a 30 minute massage therapy appointment. Your massage therapy appointment will include discussion of your needs, assessment, and instruction of remedial exercises with access to your exercise program videos. If you want a massage as well make sure you book a longer appointment!

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